October Talk: Gravel Road Birding – Napier Style

Steve presented a wonderful overview of some of the birds to be expected when birding along the gravel roads in the Napier district on Monday 17 October. He discussed species to be found in the reeds along bridges, in the grass fields and at dams and puddles.

He also illustrated the typical species to look for in patches of Renosterveld, in shrubs and thickets and along the gravel roads and verges. The emphasis was on ‘slow birding’ and how one can use one’s vehicle as a hide in view of enhancing the experience of enjoying birding.

Several fascinating sightings that he had experienced added interesting flavour to the talk. I found the increase in the numbers of species such the Karoo Korhaan and Red-billed Quelea over the years fascinating.

The birding potential of the Napier region particularly as far as overseas birders are concerned was well illustrated through species such as Cape Clapper and Agulhas Long-billed larks, Cape Grassbird, Cape Longclaw and many more. The talk clearly showed that the Napier district is hugely underrated as a top birding destination.

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