Introduction to the BirdLife Overberg Annual Bird Count

BirdLife Overberg has set up an annual bird count for the Overberg district. Take part and use the BirdLasser app to record your sightings in the region. Participation is limited to BirdLife Overberg members.

The area being covered

The target area is restricted to the Overberg district, excluding Dyer Island. This is shown in the map below. This does limit the area to the mainland and excludes pelagic outings. But complete coverage of the area is more feasible for more birders.

How to take part

  • Download the BirdLasser app. It is available for both Android and iOS.
  • Sign up with an account at BirdLasser. Your observations are synced between devices and can be viewed on the web.
  • Complete the form below with your details to be added to the event.
  • Go birding and log your sightings with the app!
  • Go to the event page on BirdLasser and check the results.
  • Please consider donating to BirdLasser. This is an awesome resource made freely available to the birding community. Please support it to keep it going! Their banking details are available from their website by clicking the ‘Donate’ button at the bottom of the page.

About BirdLasser

Using BirdLasser

Sign up

Please bear in mind this is a manual process and you will not be added immediately. But you should be added within a day and will receive a confirmation email.

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